PLastic Stainless, Inc. - Storefront in Aransas Pass, Texas

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Mark Mehre, President
(512) 797-4863 cell
[email protected]

PSI Business Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Client Reference    

Plastic Stainless, Inc (PSI) offers a variety of products and services.  Please see our Anti Withdrawl Safety Devices. PSI is a member of the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. - Texas Coastal Bend Chapter.

About Us    

Water ColumnPlastic Stainless, Inc. or PSI is a custom fabrication shop located in the coastal bend area of Texas. Since 1985 PSI has been working in stainless steel welding.  We started welding plastics in 1995. In 2006, PSI became the first shop to employ the first person in the USA to be certified by AWS B2.4 standard for thermoplastic welding.

Products & Services    

Barge PontoonsPSI specializes in stainless steel and aluminum custom design and sheet metal fabrication for commercial and industrial businesses. Some residential products are also available. Plastic design includes PVC, polypro, CPVC and HDPE. Whether you need custom panel and valve boxes in plastic or stainless steel, welded PVC exhaust, or stainless steel counter tops, PSI can manufacture anything you need.  Aluminum design includes both plate and pipe welding. We also have a machine shop with a lathe and DRO milling machine.


Anti Withdrawl Safety Devices    

Anti-Withdrawl DeviceWe offer a variety of Anti-Withdrawl Safety Devices, including; Chicken arm, plate package, and flange mount focus tube holder.